Estate Planning Services & Appraisals In Houston, Texas

With Simpson Galleries’ appraisal services, you can gain a clear understanding of the value of your assets. Watch the video below to learn more about our estate planning and appraisal services.

Estate Planning Services & Appraisals In Houston, Texas

Video Transcript

Welcome back to Simpson Galleries. My name is Ray Simpson and I’d like to talk about estate planning and how it relates to our industry. Appraisals are a great way to start with estate planning. Understanding the value of your assets and how they may affect you and your loved ones at any stage of your life is a very important thing to do.

When preparing Wills are lists of things that you want to leave to loved ones or other beneficiaries, this is a great place to start and Simpson galleries is definitely poised to help out with that Our appraisal services are very comprehensive and can be used for a variety of different reasons:

1. Insurance for one is a great place for our appraisal services.

2. Estate tax purposes is another great place for our appraisal services.

3. Retail replacement if something were stolen or you needed to replace it if it were broken or damaged – our appraisal services can cover any of those purposes at any time.


If you are ready to start your estate planning please give us a call at 713-524-6751. Thank you very much.

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