Fine Art Auction Consignment Process Pt. 2

The world of fine art goes beyond priceless artifacts or recognizable art pieces. Watch the video below as Ray Simpson helps us dive into part two of the consignment process for fine art auctions.

Fine Art Auction Consignment Process Pt. 2

You can have the most valuable and priceless art collection in the world. But unless it is researched and reviewed by a professional, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to auctions, there is an intricate process for verifying pieces. You want to make sure it’s done right.

At Simpson Galleries, not only do we take care of your art, but we take care of you. We work to make your pieces shine to get you the best value. We have an intense process to ensure your piece is treated with the highest quality and respect it deserves.




Video Transcript

Welcome back to Simpson Galleries. This is Ray Simpson again, and I’d like to take you through the second part of the consignment process.

Item Research Process

Once we’ve decided that your pieces are suitable for our auction and they arrive here at our gallery, our team of specialists, who are experts in a variety of categories, will take your items and look through them in great detail to determine if they have a maker’s mark on them if they’re a piece of silver or a furniture’s mark if it’s a fine piece of furniture, something that could have been overlooked in our initial walkthrough of your pieces.

All of this detail and care that we give to each of your items can only increase its value at auction, and that’s the process that we take for every single piece that we enter into every one of our auctions.

Item Restoration Steps

Once your items arrive at our gallery, they will be inspected for any imperfections. If something needs polishing or minor repair, we have a group of conservators that can take care of all of that. This is just another very important step that Simpson Galleries takes to increase the value of your items.

Our Photography Studio

From there, your items go to our photography studio where multiple high-resolution images will be taken of each piece in the auction. This is a very important step in our auction process because it will be the eyes for our remote buyers who are looking at our auctions from anywhere in the world. These photos add value to your items because they do portray the quality and condition of each piece that we sell at auction.

Cataloguing The Items

From there, your items go to our cataloging department where your pieces will be researched, and a detailed description will be given to it, including a condition report. This condition report is as important as our photography is because it really does explain to people who are bidding remotely what they are buying.

Simpson Galleries has a very good reputation for presenting items in their true state and that has increased the confidence that our bidders have from anywhere in the world to bid and exceed auction records many, many times over.

Advertising Items

When advertising an auction, Simpson Galleries has a multimedia approach to our campaign. This includes print as well as online advertising, and all social media platforms. Additionally, you can preview our gallery virtually online, as well as in person, where we have over ten thousand feet of space available that is decorated with every piece in the auction.

As you can see, this multi-step process is very simple, beginning with a phone call and ending with an auction, and we’re here to help make those processes easy for you. So please give us a call at 713-524-6751 and ask for me, Ray Simpson.