How Much Are My Antiques or Fine Art Worth?

“How much is my fine art worth?” is a common question we get. Determining the value of your antiques or fine art is necessary before they can be sold at auction. Consulting with an expert will ensure your items are valued appropriately to showcase their worth to interested buyers. Watch the video below to learn more about how Simpson Galleries evaluates fine art and antiques.

How Much Are My Antiques or Fine Art Worth?

How Much Is My Fine Art Worth? Determining Value

You may have an idea of how much your fine art,  antiques, or other owned or inherited items are worth. However, an estimate from an expert will ensure you are getting the highest value when it is time to sell them…  Our team of experts at Simpson Galleries will study and research your collection to determine the current auction market value and will work with you to understand your expectations for the sale of your items.

There are two different ways to request estimates from Simpson Galleries. You may make an appointment to bring your items into our gallery and meet with one of our experts for a consultation, or you may email us images of your items. Be sure to include images of any artists’ signatures and list any relevant information, including the size and provenance you know about each piece.  Our experts will then research comparable works to determine an estimated auction value range for each of your items to provide to you.


How Much Is My Fine Art Worth? Purpose of Estimates

Simpson Galleries provides valuations or estimates of fine art, antiques, sculpture, antiquities, silver, jewelry, watches, luxury goods, and more free of charge. These estimates can be used for many purposes, including deciding to sell your items at auction.

Our estimates are carefully calculated and have been proven to regularly bring higher bids, sometimes record-breaking prices, at auction.


How Much Is My Fine Art Worth? Preparing your item for Auction

Once your items have been evaluated, our team will do any additional research necessary to write detailed descriptions, and several overall and detailed photographs will be taken. These descriptions and photographs will be included in our online and printed catalogs, mailed brochures, and printed and digital advertising.

If you choose to use Simpson Galleries, we will place your item for auction, where it will be bid on by art collectors and investors around the globe. Our photography techniques and pricing model have been carefully crafted to ensure you get the best profit while the buyer can see exactly what they are bidding on even if they can’t view it in person. Our goal is to ensure everyone involved in the art selling and purchasing process is satisfied.

To receive an estimate on your antiques, sculpture, silver, crystal, jewelry, watches, luxury goods, antiquities, antique furniture, work of fine art, or similar items, call or email Simpson Galleries today. We will evaluate your items and help you get the best possible price if they are consigned for auction.


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Video Transcript

Welcome to Simpson Galleries. One of the questions that we are often asked is how much my item is worth.


Determining The Value Of Your Items

Simpson Galleries has a team of experts that can determine the value of your items. Determining the value of your item starts with us getting to see the piece. Whether you bring it to us in person or send us a picture of it through email, we can then see the condition of the piece, the size of the piece, the subject matter of the item, if it is a piece of artwork, and determine based on comparable sales what your item is worth.


Receive A Free Estimate

These values are called estimates, and we use estimates to show our buyers typically what these pieces will bring. Our estimates are mostly conservative without giving the impression that there’s something wrong with the item, and that lends itself to more bidding. Engaging more bidders will typically result in a much, much higher sales result.

So we would like to see your items. You can email them to us at [email protected] or call one of our specialists here at Simpson Galleries at 713-524-6751, and we’ll talk you through the process of getting us these images, or you can also make an in-person appointment to bring your pieces to us to evaluate for you.

Once those estimates are established, we’ll take them to auction. Our bidders are from all over the world, and they will see these pieces in their estimates and determine on their own whether or not they want to bid within the range or above it. Oftentimes, because of the way that we research and photograph these pieces, they’ll exceed that estimated range by a considerable amount, sometimes setting world records within the industry.

So to get started, please give us a call or visit us on our website at We’ve made it easy for you to send pictures to us through email, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.