What is an Auction? – Fine Art Auctioneers in Houston, Texas

Wondering what a fine art auction is or how it works? Watch our video below to learn more fine art auctions in Houston, Texas. In this video, we’ll unpack the definition of an auction, which item categories we specialize in and how you can participate in bidding and selling at auction.

What is an Auction? - Fine Art Auctioneers in Houston, Texas

Video Transcript

Welcome to Simpson Galleries. My name is Ray Simpson and Simpson Galleries is Houston’s oldest Fine Art and antique auction house.

Definition of an Auction

Today I’d like to explain the definition of the word auction. An auction is a public sale of goods or property to the highest bidder. In our case, the goods and property that we sell primarily focus on antiques, fine art, decorative arts, and designer furniture.

Quarterly Auctions & Bidding

Our sales are held quarterly and include a wide range of merchandise from paintings, furniture, collectibles, fine china, and sculpture. Previews are always offered prior to the sale and are open to the public. Our marketing materials are print and online based with bidding available via online telephone and absentee. By offering on multiple bidding platforms, we are able to maximize the potential value of your items.

Consignment-Based Auctions

Our auctions are consignment based, meaning that the public can send us information about the individual items or collections that they own for us to review and estimate their value. From there, your items will be photographed, cataloged, marketed and auctioned. We hold a preview period prior to each auction which is open to the public and available to you both in person and online.

Fine Art Auctioneers in Houston Texas

We want to streamline the auction experience and have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to appreciate the most out of your collection. With an international base and thousands of customers, it has been possible for our third-generation auction house to remain Houston’s best. To get started visit our website at SimpsonGalleries.com or call the gallery at 713-524-6751. We’ve made it easy to send us your information and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Learn more about Simpson Galleries at simpsongalleries.com and reach out to us at (713) 524-6751 or [email protected]. We’d love to help answer your questions.

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