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Established in 1962, Simpson Galleries is Houston’s largest and most prestigious auction company. Spanning three generations, our experience, knowledge, and customer service is unrivaled.

Simpson Galleries auctions items in a variety of categories, including furniture, silver, china, crystal, antiquities, fine art, and jewelry. We offer these in quarterly sales to a global audience. Most items come to us from private collections and local consignments of carefully selected treasures.

Our buyers are established and vetted from across the globe, creating a very competitive bidding environment. Consigning items to auction is very simple. If you are considering placing your items in one of our upcoming auctions, here are the steps you will take.

You may email images of your collection to one of our experts or make an appointment to bring your items into our gallery for an in-person evaluation. At this time, we will determine if they are appropriate for our market. Simpson Galleries will then prepare a contract based on terms agreed upon by you and the auction gallery. Once the contract is executed, your items can then be delivered to our on-site secure warehouse, where they will be inventoried and designated for an upcoming auction.

Reserves may be set on items with a value higher than $1,000. An item’s value is established based on comparable and current auction sales of similar objects. We have an in-house professional photography studio and specialists that research and compose detailed descriptions of each item that is included in our auction catalog. Our fully Illustrated catalogs take between six and eight weeks to create and are also available electronically through our website,

Simpson Galleries does extensive marketing through both print and electronic media. Our auctions are hosted live through international online platforms, which allow bidding simultaneously with both in-house and telephone bidders. Each auction is shared with hundreds of thousands of registered bidders, maximizing the exposure of your items. A preview is held the week prior to the auction date allowing buyers to personally inspect the pieces they are interested in pursuing. Finally, the auction day arrives, and anything can happen. The room is filled with excited buyers from around the world and the bidding begins.

I have two hundred and fifty thousand, 275. I have 325, now 350, 370 on the phone. Who will bid 380? Three hundred and seventy thousand dollars going once, going twice, all done at three hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

Payments for sold items are sent thirty days after the date of the auction. Please contact Simpson Galleries with any further questions you may have or to discuss the consignment of your collection.