Art, Antique, and Collectibles Market Trends

Are you interested in learning more about art, antique, and collectibles market trends? You’re in the right place! Understanding how market trends affect the value of furniture and artwork is a difficult task for even the most seasoned collector. Watch the video below as Ray discusses how design trends are used to help determine how much you can expect to receive when auctioning your antique furniture.

Market Trends in Furniture

Heavy, brown furniture was very much in style about 20 to 30 years ago. Those beautiful pieces may retain their value, but it is also possible that they will not appreciate in the way you had hoped.

This type of furniture, even if it is an antique, is not as desirable now as it was two to three decades ago. Most buyers are currently interested in contemporary, modern-looking pieces. Many new homes are being designed with this trend in mind. More traditional pieces might look out of place in a modern home.


What To Do if Your Furniture Isn’t Trending

You have options if you have the kind of furniture that isn’t currently in vogue. Your first option is to sell your furniture at auction. Simpson Galleries will give you an accurate assessment of what you can expect to receive. If this amount is acceptable for you to continue with the sale, a fine art auctioneer will strive to reach the price you deserve.

Another option is to keep your fine art or furniture until it becomes trendy again. Trends tend to be cyclical, so there is a chance that your item’s value will grow over time. An art auctioneer through Simpson Galleries will help you decide if this is the best path forward. You can even use Simpson Galleries as caretakers for your antiques so you can guarantee they will not become damaged while in long-term storage.

Are you interested in learning more about your purchased or inherited items? Contact Simpson Galleries today! We will help you understand trends and accurately value your pieces with these current trends in mind. Send an email with a photo of your antique furniture, and we can begin the process of determining the value of your items as soon as you desire.


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Video Transcript – Art, Antique, and Collectibles Market Trends

Welcome back to Simpson Galleries. Another topic of conversation would be market trends. A lot of times, I get phone calls or emails from people that send me pictures of furniture or artwork that they purchased decades ago and, at the time, were very desirable within the market, and today may or may not be. So following market trends can also help determine value of these items.


Art, Antique, and Collectibles Market Trends: Market Trends

Right now, a lot of the heavier brown furniture is not necessarily as desirable as it was when it was purchased 20-30 years ago as it is now, and we’re seeing a shift in the market into more contemporary or straight-line pieces. People are decorating with those items. Homes are being designed to receive those items versus a more traditional decoration.


Art, Antique, and Collectibles Market Trends: Determining Value of Items

Determining ValuWe at Simpson Galleries are happy to help you with those market trends and explain to you the value of your items based on these trends and how we can help sell them for you. If you have an item or items that were given to you or inherited that you need to know the value or would like to know the value of, please get in touch with us through our website,, or email us a photograph of it at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to explain to you in our opinion what we feel the value of the item is currently.