Selling Through Auction at Simpson Galleries

Selling fine art and antiques at auction can be a unique and exciting process. This is particularly true if you have never attempted to sell your items before. Watch the video below as Ray Simpson, President and CEO of Simpson Galleries, details the process of selling through an auction at Simpson Galleries.

Step 1 – Contact us to Seek an Evaluation of Your Items

Take images of the items you are interested in consigning and email them to us along with any additional information, such as provenance, you know about the item(s). If it is a fine art painting, sculpture, or other item with a signature, be sure to include detailed images of the signature(s). Include your contact information so one of our specialists can reply to your request for an evaluation. Sometimes we need to see your item in person to determine authenticity and assess value. You may be asked to make an appointment to bring the item(s) into our gallery, OR if your collection is vast or the item(s) are very large, you may be asked to make an appointment with one of our specialists to visit your home or the location where the item(s) are being stored for further evaluation.


Step 2 – Review and Sign a Consignment Contract

If it is determined that the item(s) in your collection meet the criteria for auction, then we will discuss the terms of your consignment contract, including our commission and any item reserves.


Step 3 – Arrange Delivery to Simpson Galleries

You may deliver your items to our gallery yourself, or Simpson Galleries can help you arrange for a delivery company to package and deliver your pieces to our onsight warehouse.


Step 4 – Cataloging and Photography

Our cataloging specialist will research each of your items and determine final auction estimates. They will create a detailed written description with relevant information, including the artist’s name, condition, age, and size. In some cases, your item may be cleaned or polished so that it is looking its best. Your piece will then go to our photography studio, where overall and detailed images will be taken for use in the item’s online listing, our fully illustrated auction catalog, and other advertisements.


Step 5 – Advertising and In-Person Viewing

Auction catalogs are produced, print and digital advertising is created, and all items included in an auction are added to our website and other online auction platforms to be seen by potential buyers across the globe. Each auction item is put on display in our gallery for the week leading up to the sale. The gallery is open to the public so that interested bidders may see the items in person before the auction. Auction registration for telephone and absentee bidding begins.


Step 6 – Auction Day

During the auction, we accept bids in person (during live sales) through previously submitted absentee bids, over the telephone, and virtually through,, and Once any reserves are met, the items are sold to the highest bidder.


Step 7 – Item Payments Collected

Simpson Galleries sends invoices to the auction buyers and collects the funds from the sale of the auctioned items.


Step 8 – Settlement Payments Sent to Consignors

Auction settlement payments for sold items are sent to consignors 30 days after the auction date.

Are you interested in learning how much your fine art or antiques can earn at auction? Contact Simpson Galleries today! Call with any questions or send an email with photos and details of your chosen items.


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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ray Simpson, owner of Simpson Galleries.

Today, I’d like to discuss the process of selling your items at auction. First, we would ask that you email us detailed images of the items that you would like to sell at auction. From those images, we will determine whether or not we have the appropriate market for those items.

Our team of experts will look at your images and determine the value of your items. From here, we will assign estimated values for auction.

Simpson Galleries holds four signature auctions a year. Each one of these auctions has a fully illustrated catalog. The production of the catalog takes between six and eight weeks. During this time, our catalogers will assign your item a detailed description and an estimated value.

Once these items go through auction, should they sell, Simpson Galleries pays on a 30-day pay period. You will receive a check or wire transfer 30 days after the auction.

Thank you for choosing Simpson Galleries to sell your items. should you have any further questions, please feel free to call, and I will be happy to discuss the process further with you.